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Gilley's Honey Variety Pack

Gilley's Honey Variety Pack

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Want the savings of buying multiples but want just one of each varietal?

Have a gift idea but want something really special?

This variety pack is the answer.

Sample the delights of nature with the Honey Variety Pack. Each pack includes outstanding Real Honey from the Mason Biome, boosting the flavor and complexity of the honey. This selection of sweetness is perfect for those looking to explore the subtle nuances of flavor and texture provided by nature.


This pack contains 

1 - Sue's Wildflower Honey Bear

2 - Gilley's Wildflower Honey 16 oz jar

3-  Gilley's Tupelo Honey 16 oz jar

4 - Gilley's Tupelo Honey with Comb 16 oz jar

5 - Gilley's Orange Blossom Honey 16 oz jar

6 - Gilley's Gall Berry Honey 16 oz jar

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