Collection: Honey

Gilley's proudly produces actual 100% real honey. Not the 'market' honey or adulterated quasi honey items sold by grocery stores as 'honey' via their warehouses. This is the real good healthy stuff.

Not all local honey truly protects the 'raw' healthy nature of Honey. When it is cooked, all of the health benefits are lost.

Temperature controlled filled to maximize all of the Health Benefits of Honey without denaturing the honey. Most do not realize that local honey's very often over heat and 'cook' their honey and lose all of the health benefits.

Our Wildflower is all Mason Biome honey and from the Yellow Region for the natural forage. If you are looking to deal with allergies, you should buy a honey that is from your foraging region with the same natural plants and flowers that are causing your allergies.

If you are buying for flavor, and health benefits, you will not beat out honey's that come from Mason Biome bee keepers.

Tupelo Honey, Gall berry Honey, Mason Biome Wildflower all have health benefits that exceed wildflower honey from other regions, excluding allergies.