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Gilley's Jams Variety Pack

Gilley's Jams Variety Pack

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Gilley's Amish Farmhouse Jams are superior to ANY jams in the marketplace.

What makes them superior?

We designed these for flavor by using the best fruit juices in the marketplace. Ever get a a sour strawberry from the grocery store? We don't have that problem. Only prime fruit is used for our juices.

Then using only natural ingredients we use only the traditional farmhouse cooking process that makes a superior jam.

We will put our jam up against any other in a taste test.

This Variety Pack is a great way to try lots of flavors and still save on buying more at one time. Something we wish all grocery stores would do!

Classic Variety Pack!
1 - Strawberry Jam

1 - Blueberry Jam

1 - Blackberry Jam

1 - Gator Jam

1 - Frog Jam

1 - Raspberry Jam


Core Flavors Variety Pack!

1 - Peach Jam

1 - Monkey Butter

1 - Cherry Jam

1 - Fig Jam

1 - Toe Jam

1 - Mild Pepper Jam

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